Over the years, we have unfortunately seen colleagues being diagnosed with serious or terminal illnesses. Through the Foundation, we hope to be able to offer financial support should any colleague need to fund specialist medical treatments that may not be available to them in their country or be funded by their existing medical insurance. Or to provide assistance to help modify the living environment at home and make it easier to live as comfortably as possible with their condition. We will also look to make day to day living just that little bit more fun and enjoyable, so this could be granting a wish for a dream holiday or an experience of a lifetime.

Throughout our offices, we have a team of Foundation Ambassadors that help raise funds in all of our local offices. Early July 2017, our CEO Stephan Sieber kicked off the fundraising initiatives by means of a carwash in our Utrecht office.

The guests of honor during this event were Charlotte van Brenk and her children; family of our former Benelux colleague Danny van Brenk, who sadly passed away March 2017 after battling cancer for three years. Throughout his illness, colleagues supported him in raising funds for his expensive treatment in the US that was at the time not available in the Netherlands and hence also not supported by the Dutch healthcare system. Charlotte stated how proud she is that their story in large part inspired the establishment of this Foundation and how important the Foundation’s work will be to colleagues throughout times of illness. Charlotte’s words made it very tangible why this Foundation is so important. We can’t impact some things in life and health is probably the greatest gift one can receive. However, what we as Unit4 can impact, is the support, the care and the attention we give the people around us who suffer and who are in need. That’s what the Unit4 Cares Foundation is all about.


The Foundation is an independent entity and governed by a separate Board that comprises of:


Jeroen Bruins Slot

General Legal Counsel

has joined the Foundation, bringing with him a strong background and experience in all things legal and specifically, setting up charities.


Michiel de Jonge

Group Tax Manager

who was asked to join as he’s an expert in all the Tax & Finance implications – and of course we want the funds to go to the people who need it, and not to tax authorities.


Edo-Jan Meijer

Global Head User Experience

who’s a very strong and inspirational colleague who, while suffering from the autoimmune disorder MS, lives life to the fullest.