Unit4 Cares Foundation is launched

I am pleased to let you know that Unit4 has set up the Unit4 Cares Foundation. This independent Foundation aims to raise funds to support any of our Unit4 colleagues, their partners or children, who are suffering from serious illnesses. It was inspired by the outpouring of love and support offered to those colleagues who we were diagnosed with serious or terminal illnesses over the years. That legacy of love and support touched us deeply and along with the CSR team, we decided that we wanted Unit4 to do something lasting to help other colleagues who may face similar challenges in life. Of course we hope no one has to go through anything like this but equally we hope it will be of comfort to know that we are here to help should the worst happen.

– Stephan Sieber, CEO Unit4



Unit4 takes responsible corporate citizenship very seriously, and has a long track-record of supporting CSR activities and charitable initiatives. Over the years, many of our colleagues have supported many good causes, including helping the environment, and raising money for underprivileged and sick people through various group and individual initiatives.



The Foundation is an independent entity and governed by a separate Board that comprises of:


Jeroen Bruins Slot
General Legal Counsel

has joined the Foundation, bringing with him a strong background and experience in all things legal and specifically, setting up charities.

Michiel de Jonge
Group Tax Manager

who was asked to join as he’s an expert in all the Tax & Finance implications – and of course we want the funds to go to the people who need it, and not to tax authorities.

Edo-Jan Meijer
Global Head User Experience

who’s a very strong and inspirational colleague who, while suffering from the autoimmune disorder MS, lives life to the fullest.

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